British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards
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Haven is one of the UK’s leading holiday home park companies and one of the leading lights in the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme. The company has been part of the scheme since 1996 and in that time it has worked to turn 39 of its holiday parks really green – all of these are now Gold award winners.

“We aim to strike the right balance between the environment, people and making a profit,” says Haven’s Environmental Co-ordinator Daniel Coward who is in charge of the company’s environmental work. “Protecting, conserving and enhancing our sites’ environmental value has become core to our business and we have found that this work not only makes our parks better for wildlife - it also makes them better places to spend a holiday.” Daniel explains that an environmentally-friendly park provides a great holiday environment because people love to be surrounded by nature and to see wildlife on their doorstep.

One example of the type of innovative environmental work that Haven undertakes can be seen in Cornwall at the company’s Perran Sands Holiday Park. Here the park has joined forces with the Ministry of Defence, to help preserve the fragile eco-system of the local coastal dunes system. This happens to be the highest and one of the most ecologically valuable in the UK. “Visitors can enjoy midsummer walks to see the area’s wildlife,” says Daniel. “This includes large numbers of butterflies and moths such as Silver-studded Blues, Dark Green Fritillaries butterflies and Scarlet Tigers.”

The company’s environmental approach is based on three key ideas: 1) creating wildlife value; 2) protecting the wildlife already on site, and 3) using only resources appropriate to the task. With these ideas as a foundation for action, the company uses the independent environmental assessment provided by the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme to give it an annual target to aim for and as a regular ‘health check’ to see how it is doing. The aim of this work is clear – to help the environment and, at the same time help holiday makers enjoy the environment.

How this works can be seen at the company’s Marton Mere Caravan Park on the outskirts of Blackpool. The great thing about Marton Mere is that it is right next to a nationally recognised Site of Special Scientific interest. At the heart of this is ‘the mere’ - a large expanse of water that is surrounded by reed banks and marshes. The 44 acres of the mere is a real wildlife haven, especially for birds. More than 250 species of birds are regular visitors or residents. Most importantly, a quarter of Britain’s rare bitterns (of which there are only 40 or so) come to Marton Mere during the autumn and winter.

To make sure that everyone visiting the park can get the most out of visiting the mere, Haven works with Blackpool Borough Council to run a wildlife ranger station on the park. This is a really fantastic resource and the park rangers work hard to get visiting kids interested in all the wildlife wonders on offer (not that they needed much encouragement). Even if its wet, visitors can still see the wildlife that is out enjoying the rain, courtesy of images from video cameras installed in various locations around the reserve.

As Daniel says, Haven has two types of guests – people and wildlife. Because of its commitment to the environment, the company can boast that both types of guests are really well cared for on all of its parks. That’s why they’re a Gold choice when it comes to choosing a holiday.

We aim to strike the right balance between the environment, people and making a profit